4-Point Inspection

4 point inspection Palm CoastA 4-Point Inspection is not a detailed Home Inspection and serves an entirely different purpose than the Wind Mitigation Inspection. A 4-Point Inspection is often required for homes over 25 years of age by insurance companies when obtaining a new homeowners insurance policy or renewing an existing policy. The reason behind this is that insurance companies view older homes as a potential liability risk to them. A 4-Point Inspection will thoroughly check the 4 main systems of a home that if damaged or not functioning can cause catastrophic results to the home while the insurance company is covering the home.

A 4-Point Inspection covers the 4 main systems of a residential property to include the roof, plumbing, electrical, and heating & cooling. Thoroughly investigating these 4 main systems of your home can prove to be crucial for any insurance company to insure your home. When a 4-Point Inspection is being performed, what is generally analyzed is that all of these systems are functioning properly. A 4-Point Inspection has become a requirement for many insurance companies for the sake of insurance liabilities and making sure the home’s occupants are safe as well.

A 4-Point Inspection covers the 4 main systems of a residential property to include the Roof, Plumbing, Electrical, and Heating & Cooling.

When a 4-Point Inspection is conducted, generally the report will be made and given to the customer making them aware of things that may place them at risk. Although a 4-Point Inspection is in fact required by most insurance companies in order to provide the home with insurance, the inspection will not be necessary in the purchasing of a home and in all honesty will not be as detailed to the consumer as a Home Inspection can be. The 4-Point Inspection is mainly done to ensure that the house will get insured which is recommended for any home. If your home requires a 4-Point Inspection, South Country Home Inspections can perform this inspection as an additional service while performing your Home Inspection.

Upon performing this inspection it important for the customer to know that this inspection will not guarantee your home will be insured nor that it will be eligible.

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