How Can Wind Mitigation Inspection Help Homeowners Insurance

If you presently own a home in a coastal state, then you’ve most certainly heard of wind mitigation insurance. However, you may not know the significance of a home inspection to your credit score or insurance until after nature strikes.

Some property owners receive wind mitigation inspections in a bid to determine the preparedness of their building to resisting the horrible effects of a windstorm.

Wind mitigation inspection is not mandatory but opting for it will save you money when it counts.

Think of it as a means of safeguarding your home in targeted areas with the hope that your insurance company will give you a discount on your homeowner’s premium. Companies are also likely to secure your home when it is less sustainable to damage.

A wind mitigation inspection typically comprises of the following;

Roof covering inspection

This process usually involves inspection of your roof, the time of installation as well as the quality of the roof will be determined. The inspector determines whether or not the roof meets the code of the building.

Roof deck attachment

An inspection will also involve your roof deck. The inspector in charge determines what type of attachment is in your building and how it is attached to the entire structure. When nails are used, the inspector will also determine the nail spacing and length.

Geometry of your roof

The inspector will find out what the roof of your building is shaped like. Most times, a hip roof qualifies you for a discount.

Roof to wall attachment

It is the responsibility of your mitigation inspector to find out if the trusses are attached with a hurricane clip or with nails.

Gable end bracing

Your inspector will let you know if the gable ends are braced according to the standard if your roof is a gable style roof.

Wall construction type

A review will be carried out to ascertain if the materials used for reinforcement, framing, and fascia are ideal. If your home is reinforced with concrete, you will get a better discount.

Secondary water barrier

Roofs installed after 2008 require this inspection. Your inspector will take photographic documentation that can be presented to your insurer.

Opening protection

In this case, your inspector will make sure your shutters and debris protection devices are installed correctly. They also check the rating of installed devices to find out if these devices are hurricane rated. If they are, you will qualify for a discount.

In a nutshell, an investment in wind mitigation is one worth making. The money you are likely to save yearly outweighs the cost. Avoiding a wind mitigation when you live in a littoral region will be at your peril.

For more information about wind mitigation, contact a professional; contact South Country Home Inspection.

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