Pool and Spa Inspections

Pool-&-spa-inspectionsIt’s called the sunshine state for a reason and owning a pool in Florida is terrific but it can also be an added expense if not maintained up to standard. If you are buying a home with a pool already installed, you don’t really know how well maintained the pool was by the previous owner which could cause you big problems down the line. This is where our Pool and Spa Inspections can assist you.

Properly inspected and maintained pools and spas reduce the risk of recreational water illnesses such as intestinal or respiratory diseases, ear, throat and/or eye infections. Outside of these important health aspects are the architectural aspects of owning a pool. Pools with proper fencing, barriers, and other safety equipment can help prevent possible drowning or serious injury. Repairing/replacing a pool or spa can be expensive.

Our Pool and Spa Inspections are thorough and detailed examining decks, pump motors, filters, drains, and everything that makes your pool or spa tick.

If the home you are buying or selling has an in-ground pool and/or spa, South Country Home Inspections will provide a limited courtesy inspection at no extra charge which will include a thorough and detailed examination of the following:

  • Visible Pool an Spa interior finish materials
  • Decks, visible steps, and coping
  • Pump motors, blowers, skimmers, filters, visible drains, gauges, visible piping and valves
  • External bonding of the pump motors
  • Operation of underwater lighting
  • Diving boards, slides, handrails and ladders
  • The presence or absence of child safety barriers
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