Wind Mitigation

Wind Mitigation Inspection plays a crucial role when we talk about real estate. This type of inspection is essential and very valuable which has the capability to save up to 88% charges of windstorm insurance premium. Every one of you must be very well aware with the fact that the weather of Florida is tropical and high windstorms or hurricanes often arrive in this region. During these bad weather conditions, insurance discounts are offered for better building features that can mitigate damage which would be continued during these happenings. Wind mitigation can easily be provided through features like shutter protection for roofs and windows, impact resistant glazing, enhanced roof shingles, stronger roof decks, clips or hurricane straps, and much more.

Is There Any Requirement For Wind Mitigation Inspection

Yes there is a need for wind mitigation inspection otherwise severe destruction may occur to your property or home. Several forces are encountered when high winds attack your real estate. These windstorms can instantly generate uplifting while lateral and shearing forces cause huge damage to your home. It can give rise to destroyed doors and windows that permit water into the home, thus causing serious damage to the home’s interior. It must be kept in mind that high windstorms can blow rubbish into and onto the home, resulting in further damage to real estate. Heavy windstorms can blow up the portions of your roof either completely or partially. Its because the combined forces create wreak destruction on the unprotected structure. You can protect your property and family from excessive wind damage.

Wind mitigation inspection determines whether the structure of property can resist destruction from high windstorms or hurricanes. South Country Home Inspection identifies if the property has required protective characteristics, and whether such characteristics are properly installed. Furthermore, this inspection also determines whether there is need for any replacement. Mainly the construction features are analyzed such as hurricane straps or clips, concrete block construction, shutters, installation of secondary water-resistant barriers, availability of roof-to-wall attachments, and kind of roof.

You will be glad to know that homeowners insurance companies in Florida offer windstorm or wind credits if their home qualifies the wind mitigation inspection. It means, you can save up to 88% cost. You won’t be able to avail this benefit if you fail to get wind mitigation inspection for your property. Under such a situation, homeowners have to pay extra cost. The amount of insurance premium can greatly be reduced by means of wind mitigation inspection. But make sure to get the inspection done from a certified inspection company such as South Country Home Inspection. This company has employed certified inspector for this purpose who are well-versed with their profession. Different features of home are examined in detail so as to know about the condition of home with respect to high windstorms.
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