Wind Mitigation: Why Do You Need It?

Residential buildings are often the most affected by hurricanes. Wind and water damages will affect homes and buildings unless they are well protected. By entering through vents, gables that are not reinforced, improperly sealed doors and windows, winds can tear a roof of a building apart. Wind mitigation inspection is the best way to help detect how susceptible your home is to these occurrences.

Wind Mitigation inspection is the best way to help you understand the current state of your home, and its ability to protect your family during the hurricane season and more.

Wind mitigation process adds features to a building that help it to withstand to high winds caused by a massive storm or hurricane. By increasing the resistance to major storms and hurricanes, your property can survive several blows against it by wind force.

What it means to you and why you need it

To ensure the integrity of your building, all parts of the building must be securely connected to each other. The foundation, walls, and roof should be attached to establish a consistent load path that shares the forces rather than to destructively target them at the structure’s weak point. The windows and doors, as well as other vulnerable parts of the building, should be well fortified to prevent a breach from the wind.

One of the best times to improve the structural integrity of your building to tackle wind pressure by hurricanes and storms is during the design and construction of the building itself. The hurricane performance of newly constructed buildings shows that an adequately designed and constructed building can survive so many storms and winds.

The noticeable majority of homes and buildings in areas with higher risk are of older construction, and they come from a period when the building designs were not as rigorously enforced or effective are newer ones. These old building structures are so much more susceptible to wind damage, and some of them have not been able to withstand a few windstorms.

What you can do about it

Options may be limited for some of these buildings that have long been completed, but some practical strategies are useful for strengthening the integrity of an older property. If you are a property owner whose concern is the wind damage caused by Hurricane, the best thing you can do about it is to go for wind mitigation and to have your property inspected and well insured.

What it involves

Having your home inspected is the first step. You have to schedule an inspection first. The inspections may cost money, but the insurance and safety assurance is worth it in the end. There are various mitigation features you can successfully implement to protect your home from disaster and make your inspection go well. Some of these features include;

• Foundation to roof Anchoring which helps your home to resist powerful winds by reinforcing the building walls.

• Sealing your roof deck hinders unwanted water intrusion during storms.

• Storm shutters and shatterproof windows are great options for securing the windows from debris and wind during storms.

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