Some Common Reasons For Mold Inspection

Mold inspection is the simple process of checking a whole apartment (home or office) for the possible growth of mold. People don’t just engage in mold inspection without a reason. There are several reasons people call for mold inspection but only few of the reasons are common.

The presence of mold triggers some allergy issues like itchy eyes, constant sneezing and even regular runny nose. When any of these allergy issues begins to occur constantly to one or more occupants of a particular apartment without cause, the presence of mold should be suspected.

Mold inspection is not only about eliminating present mold, it is also about preventing them from spreading.

When you have just fixed any mold issue, it necessitates a thorough mold inspection to check if there is still residual mold growth or not. Leakages are the most common cause of mold growth and sometime a part of the building may be soaked so much that even if the leakage is fixed, the effect will still persist and the part of the building will still be wet. In this kind of situation, even when the concomitant mold has been eliminated, there is a very high possibility of another mold growth since the affected part of the building is still wet. After a couple of weeks, mold inspection should be done to be sure that another mold growth has not commenced.

Another common reason for a thorough mold inspection is when buying or renting a new apartment. The apartment is thoroughly inspected for both moisture and mold issues. This is very important as mold usually grows in hidden parts of an apartment like behind a wood baseboard and under a wooden floor.

You may do a lot of things yourself but mold inspection is not among. You should engage a mold inspection expert for a thorough mold inspection especially when you want to rent or buy a new apartment. It is natural for the owner of the apartment to try to hide any mold growth, if any. He or she would not want you to negotiate his offer downwards because of mold issues.

If there is a sign of past mold issues, the cause should be investigated as it may re-occur if the enabling conditions come back. This is very important because a part of the building may become damp or moist during the rainy season. If this is the cause of the past mold growth, the issue will definitely re-occur during another rainy season except if the root of the problem is tackled. Mold inspection is not only about eliminating present mold, it also involves detecting areas where mold growth is possible so as to prevent the growth.

In conclusion, it is not every water problem that should lead to mold inspection. If the mold growth is caused by a leakage, it should be fixed and the mold eliminated. Having the proper professional mold assessor and mold remediation company evaluate and remediate the home can be essential to your families health and safety.

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