Get Your Facts Right on 4-Point Inspection!

Purchasing a house is an achievement for many, but if you are not careful enough, it can soon turn into a dreadful nightmare! Having a 4-point Inspection done should always be a priority during this process to avoid any decisions that you may regret later.

There are countless incidences when clients are tricked into purchasing a magnificent looking house, which later turns out to be a sorry excuse for a house with defective plumbing and a crippling roof!

How Can You Escape This Tragedy?

Getting a house that not only look incredible, but even functions equally well is a tough nut to crack. If you want to save yourself from this predicament, then getting a proper house inspection would be the safest bet for you!

Just as the name implies, a 4-point inspection carries out a thorough check up of a potential property, whether it be a residential building or a commercial one!

How Does a House Inspection Work?

A house inspection is carried by a team of professionals such as the South Country Home Inspection, which inspects the house from every nook and cranny. Whether the roof is stable enough to last you a few years, or the electric wiring is functioning well or not, these concerns are thoroughly investigated by the house inspection team and a comprehensive report is compiled for you to evaluate.

A house inspection team follows a 4-point inspection pattern to observe the functioning of any house. This 4-step inspection is a pre-requisite in any house inspection and can play a vital role in discerning the running conditions of it.

The 4 points usually observed are:

1. A Sustainable Roof:

You don’t want the roof of your new house to collapse while you are moving there, do you?

The inspection team observes and evaluates the condition of the roof, how old it is, the materials that went in its making, the number of years it can last and so on. These questions are important to estimate the condition of your roof. If the home inspection team is uncertain about its condition, then it would be recommended to restart your search for a new house!

2. Excellent Electrical Wiring:

Electrical panels and wirings are a serious business. Highly qualified professionals are required to inspect every wiring in the house and report its durability. A single defective switch or two in the house can be overlooked, but if there are countless wiring faults, then this might not be the house of your dreams!

3. Plumbing Fixtures:

Leaky plumbing connections can instantly turn into a nightmare, leaving you wrecked. It is advisable to get the plumbing checked by a certified professional who knows the job well. If there are certain broken showers and leaky drainage in the toilet, then it would be better to move to the next housing option.

4. HVAC Inspection:

Who doesn’t want to cozy up to warm blankets and hot chocolate on a cold winter’s night? Every one!
But if your new house’s central heating is not up to the mark and the if the ventilation and air conditioning performs just as poorly, then the 4-point inspection team might not give you a thumbs up to purchase the house!
If you are interested in a house, which seems to fit the bill for you, then you should opt for a house inspection to scrutinize the place thoroughly. A 4-point inspection not only allows you to check for any malfunctioning areas in the house, but also saves your precious time, money and later struggles!


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